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We are a dispute resolution firm based in Kenya, with qualified professionals, offering mediation, conflict management training and legal consultancy services.

Our Services


Our Mediation services help to telescope issues in a matter of hours, that might alternatively take years in litigation. It allows parties to forge solutions based on underlying interests and helps preserve relationships.

Legal Representation & Consultancy

Our high-quality legal consultations allow you to understand and leverage your legal rights and to get the best possible results by making an informed decision

Conflict Management Training

Our training provides you with practical tips, techniques and strategies to effectively manage and resolve conflict. We deliver our trainings both virtually and through physical sessions.

Legal Complicance Training

Our legal compliance training helps organizations adhere to the relevant laws regulations and business rules. ACRS helps you canvas all the laws applicable allowing you to leverage and maximize on your legal rights and responsibilities.

Our Key Objectives


To promote the understanding and adoption of mediation as a reliable and affordable approach to conflict management and dispute resolution, thereby improving consensus and access to justice.


To disseminate skills through conflict management training for cooperates and individuals allowing them to develop a skill set and philosophy crucial for conflict resolution.

Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.

Why choose us?

Non-adverserial Processes

People in conflicts are out of proper rapport with each other and the experience to an empathetic response is inhibited. Our goal is to help conflicting parties resolve their disputes with dignity, mutual respect and civility.

Affordable Services

Ignorance of the law and unresolved conflicts is expensive as it often leads to billions worth of investments locked up in litigation. Our services helps to abet the escalation of conflict and is offered at a minimum cost affordable to all.

Quick Turn-Around Time

As the adage goes 'Time is Money', we value your time and are geared to help you resolve your conflicts, gain knowledge and understanding of the law in a timely and efficient manner.

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