Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training Session
Conflict is an inevitable part of life as it is an ever-constant present process in human relations. As long as people continuously compete for jobs, resources, power, recognition and security, conflict remains a fact of life.

Conflict management training is a process in which a coach and client communicate one-on-one for the purpose of developing the client’s conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies, and interaction skills.

Though primarily understood as a face-to-face interaction with occasional use of print-based activities and resources, conflict management training can also reasonably take place via the telephone, Internet, or other oral, written or visual media.

The definition is also expansive, as it permits different kinds of conflict-related conversations to take place, including but not limited to ways of making sense of conflict, general plans for actively managing conflict, and specific communication behaviors for the client to possibly enact.

Conflict management training  can be useful in a variety of circumstances including conflict in the workplace, family disagreements, community disputes or business conflicts. Some of the topics covered include:

a) The Types and Nature of Conflict
b) Dimensions of conflict
c) Personal and interpersonal responses
d) The relating cycle
e) Conflict Management strategies and techniques

Our conflict management training provides you with practical tips, techniques and strategies to effectively manage and resolve conflict. We deliver our trainings both virtually and through physical sessions.


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